Tips + Tricks Co-founder Allison Yee shared her style expertise with online magazine Running with Heels. Check out the archives of her Stylist Studio features right here.

Haute Mama

Does the thought of maternity clothing conjure up images of moo-moos and baby-doll styles gone bad? If so, it's time to take a second look at sleek silhouettes for the mom-to-be! Maternity wear has changed dramatically over the last few years…read the article.

A Strong Foundation

While well-made, perfectly tailored, totally you tops, pants, dresses, jackets, and more are all a must for your wardrobe, we can't forget the importance of foundation pieces. Bras, underwear, and shapewear are the building blocks that cement how your clothing drapes, fits,…read the article.

Fashion 401K

In an era of extra cautious spending, it's more important than ever to analyze the value of each item you purchase. So, what justifies an investment-worthy addition to your wardrobe? What you consider to be an investment varies depending on your…read the article.

Let Us Count the Ways

Over the past week I've been busy brainstorming new ways to demand more from your wardrobe. It's all too easy to get into outfit ruts, repeating the same combinations time and time again. Instead of defaulting to your tried and true…read the article.

New Year, New You

Perhaps your list of New Year's Resolutions looks something like this. Do more for your body, be kind to those who are less fortunate, and give your personal style (*and in turn your confidence*) an extra boost. While I completely support and…read the article.