About the Company In early 2006, co-founders Allison (Abrams) Yee and Meeka Corporán discovered their mutual passion for helping others feel stylish and self-assured. Many conversations over coffee, cookies and cosmos ensued, and Polished Wardrobe Advising was born that November.

Allison (Abrams) Yee

Allison maintains a life-long love affair with style and design. Her time abroad at the London College of Fashion studying the works of renowned British designers, the process of fashion forecasting and the impact and strategy of visual merchandising helped shape her ability to pull together looks with a uniquely chic and stylish, yet timeless feel. Making her clients feel confident through wardrobe updates that are both functional and fun fuels Allison's everlasting passion for fashion!

Meeka Corporán

With a longtime passion for fashion and an innate sense for bargain hunting, Meeka has found her niche in wardrobe styling and editing. Originally from New York state, this mother of two believes that fashion is for everyone and every budget. And most importantly, it is not about spending hours in the mall or the local outlet stores.

Meeka does not believe you should mimic the look of your favorite celebrity or become a carbon copy of the latest fashion trend. Her mission is simple: to unleash your personal flair, to heighten your sense of style, and to demystify the process along the way. The result is much-loved: a well put together, more polished you!